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Pro-Papers services and products is a writing service that claims to be professional and do its job very well. However, although the website looks amazing, having lots of features that you can choose from, if you look at the customer reviews, then you will find out that things are not really that great with this company.

So, by checking the testimonials on Pro-Papers and other information on this site, plus the bad feedback that it received, let’s find out if Pro-Papers really deserves what it gets. Read on if you want to find out more.

What It Has to Offer

To start this review, we will tell you that focuses mainly on writing academic products such as papers, essays or other writing assignments that may help students graduate from high school or college.

Moreover, Pro-Papers has some additional services that come with additional price tags. Some of these services are proofreading, resume writing or editing. If you need more details about these additional services, you can always ask the customer support.

The Quality of the Products

Although the features look very organized and professional on the website, if you give it a more detailed look, then you will immediately observe some issues. Poor sentence structuring, incorrect verb use, and even incorrect word use are all part of these problems.

This makes me think that all the “professional” talk is meant to mesmerize the reader into thinking that this is how their experts really talk and write. However, you don’t have to be a genius to understand that this is false.

Additionally, if you access the company’s top writers page, you will find their self-written profiles. Several grammatical errors are here to be found too. All you have to do is look closely and you can’t miss them. The profile pictures of these writers also look disturbing, some of them even making you wonder if these people actually exist.

Disappointment never stops hitting you, even when reviewing a sample or a blog post on I don’t know how pro these papers are, but I surely know how many grammatical errors they include.

The reviews that you can find on the Internet regarding this mirific writing service are mixed. There are people who were actually satisfied with Pro-Papers, while others felt disappointed and wanted their money back. The quality of the papers is the real problem, as expected. However, the products are delivered on time, but at what cost?

Make sure to also check out this great review from professionals!

Prices and Discounts

The prices of this writing service company are within the average range. They can oscillate, from $10 per page to $45. If you are to order an 8-page piece of university-level paper with a 7-day deadline, it will cost you approximately $158.

In terms of discounts, all new customers receive coupon codes for 15% off and that’s it. There will be no more promo code or any other kind of discount for you after that, not even if you are an old and loyal customer.

However, you can ask the customer support department, and if you are lucky, maybe you will understand what they will tell you through that vague and pointless answers they usually give.


The final rating for this writing service company is a bad one because it basically lies to its customers. You can’t name yourself when you actually deliver amateur stuff.

There are lots of issues with this company, starting from the quality of their papers and culminating with the bad customer support, so if you need a paper done right, then maybe you may want to find someone else to help you.