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Summary of the Reviewed Journal’s Focus

The study by Galan Janeksela that was conducted in 2014 about “US workforce and educational challenges in the global economy” sought to establish the relationship that exists between the schools’ curriculum in the United States with the educational levels and the employability of the US education products. Galan conducted a study that was focusing to provide many recommendations on the current challenges of the education system in the United States of America. The research has been carried out about schools and employment rates in America, but data has been collected from secondary sources in other economically developed countries in the world to assist in comparing their education levels and rates of employment.



The researcher has identified the main variables of the study as being the education standards, graduate rates, economic standards and global markets competition. In the problem analysis, the study has clearly indicated that in the recent trends especially in the last twenty years, US has been lagging behind especially when compared with other economically developed states in terms of the number of graduates it produces, and consequently the employability rate in the manufacturing industry has been found to be decreasing drastically.

 As a social concern, this prompts into the finding out the link between the economic standards of students and their dropping out of schools, both at high school level and college level. Further, an investigation as to what are the consequences of dropping out of school has been looked at, providing a solid foundation of the conclusions of the research. A special focus is directed in establishing whether the reduced graduate rate in the US has a contribution toward the reduced rate of employability. Alternatively, the concept of having graduates who do not meet standards of job specification is being investigated to find its link with the level of education in US.

 Research methodology used

 A research methodology refers to the methods used in collecting information that is relevant in the study, and how such information is presented for analysis, including the tools used for analysis. Choosing an appropriate research method depends on a number of factors such as the nature of data to be collected, place of study, the time available for the study, knowledge of the existing information on the field of the study, and the purpose of the study according to the researcher’s goals.

 Galan has used a survey approach by analyzing secondary data based on the variables under investigation in this research. This is suitable in collecting information which is analyzed using quantitative techniques, so as to make it possible for certain numeric calculations like finding percentages, median and mean. The use of these figures has helped the researcher to formulate evidence-based argument concerning the current status of education and employability in American socio-economic environment, and why the current system may not be the best. This approach has also made it possible in providing quantitative recommendations on what can be done to improve the current conditions so as to make societal systems match with the societal needs especially in the job market.

 The main advantage of quantitative methodology is its objectivity in the analysis of the data collected. In making conclusions and recommendations, a researcher need to be objective rather than being subjective. Based on the ability of presenting statistical analysis of the data collected, the validity and reliability of quantitative based study is significantly improved, hence becoming relevant. Additionally, the use of statistical packages in analyzing data makes it easier, faster and effective in presenting data in simple ways that can easily be understood by other researchers who may be interested in this study.

 Description of the researcher’s findings

 The research’s outcomes indicate that according to the survey in the recent past, the US lost many jobs in comparison to other developed countries. This has been attributed to many other factors such as the increased costs of production, compelling employers to lay-off some employees so as to maintain production expenses in order to remain competitive in the market. However, some association can be linked to the number of graduates who are produced in every year by colleges and universities. Statistics show that unlike the past, the graduates have not been as many as it was before (Galan 107).

 By close examination of the trend, it has been found that many students who finish high school, according to 2013 ACT results, are neither geared up for college nor for career. This leads to small numbers of students who get admission to colleges for career progression. In this connection, a reason as to why there are fewer graduates can be first linked to this problem. On the other hand, students from low income families go to poor institutions, get lower grades, and hence miss out for opportunities as they cannot compete favorably with their counter-parts.

 A survey conducted to about four hundred employers to determine the employers’ view on the level of preparedness of the college graduates for jobs, revealed that the students who join jobs are either not ready or they are totally not prepared. In fact according to the employers, about one quarter of the entrants seems to have had training on what is supposed to be done and expected of them at work place (Galan 107). These findings presents a serious trend in the US education system, taking into account the fact that the number of graduates is significantly reducing every year, and those graduating are reported to be not equipped to handle work responsibilities.

 Explanation as to why this study is important

 The study is significantly important because it provides incredible information to many stakeholders in US fraternity. Firstly, it is of paramount importance to the parents, who can rely on the findings to device mechanisms of gearing forward their children on what society expects of them. Parents can do this by helping the young ones to understand how life after school is especially without education. For instance, an illiterate person can be connected to lack of opportunities for personal growth and development, one not being suitable for employment, poverty rates being high, chances of one turning into drugs and substance abuse increasing, and finally the consequences associated with such vices like criminal proclivity, death and many others. This can trigger the minds of young people to put more efforts in academics, hence promoting the graduate numbers exiting college every year in US (Andersen and Howard 4).

 Secondly, the policy makers in the education sector, governance and administration can make good use of this study to establish relevant policies that can help to manage the current situation. This includes the determination of the best education system, more emphasis been put in the lower levels of education so as to enhance early identification of one’s talents. The government can as well benefiting by identifying areas that require urgent measures to curb unemployment and impart necessary work knowledge to its graduates before joining various work institutions (Gordon 75).

 Thirdly, the employers can also derive benefits from the research by establishing the trends in the job market and the need to intervene in shaping the culture that is admirable. Examples of such efforts include enhancing corporate trainings to students while in college so as to learn before the actual employment on how to handle job responsibilities. In a balanced environment, efforts of different stakeholders are important to help correct undesired outcomes. Hence, the integration of efforts from governments, parents, and corporate world are part of significant steps to harness social-economic growth. However, education policies and methodologies cannot be made any better without the efforts of the teachers. Hence this can be a fountain of knowledge that will shape on how the teachers approach the education matters, to psychologically prepare the students in all levels about future lives. In realm of world economic growth, technological advancement has led to a number of new innovations and creativity across the globe. Among the most influential players in innovation are the young people. Hence solving any pediment issues facing the US young population means equipping them for healthy competition globally, and building a hub of better leaders in the days to come (Galan 111).

 Of the greatest importance on this research, is the recommendations given. The issue of streamlining career progression by encouraging students to excel in subjects that are in line with the career goals and dreams is something that can go way long to reduce wastage rates. Students should not be forced to take certain subjects, which are not meaningful in the chosen career. This ensures that the young people are prepared early enough to start developing relevant skills and knowledge that is appropriate in their areas of interest. The insights and concepts developed in can be useful especially to other interested researchers, both in America and outside America, for further studies. In general, this sociological research benefits the society greatly, that it cannot be underestimated.