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useful study tips

For as long as students existed (at least contemporary ones), there have always been the two things that would always seem to clash: the need to study and the need to enjoy our student life before our spring goes away.

How professors expect we study continuously for all of their topics is beyond us; just look at students studying medicine. They have so many books to study and classes to attend that it’s a miracle they still have time to sleep, let alone go out and relax now and then.
Well, news flash! You don’t need to study every waking moment; you just need to be smart about it. You can study less by studying smart using these useful tips for studying:

Total Quality Management

 One of the most over used adage is the phrase ‘human is to error.’ While this is true, it is also true that the errors made are supposed to be corrected by the same humans. However, the adage is used to try and justify an error that simply fails to meet explanation. Personally, I find myself joining this group from time to time. While I try my level best to operate at maximum production, I often fail to meet some of my set targets. As most people, I also have certain personal goals. A simple example is setting desired grades that I would love to achieve at the end of each semester, in each unit. To reach this, I lay out a study plan that I should I follow. However, sticking to the plan still remains challenging amidst other time consuming activities that find a way to derail me.

Time Series Analysis

 This paper aims at conducting a time series analysis and forecasting the results of the sales of the two firms, that is, Kellogg and Majesco. A time series can be understood as the collection of data recorded over a certain period of time, which can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or on a yearly basis (Pincus, & Goldberger, 1994). The sales by quarter of the two companies, kellogg and Majesco represents a perfect example of the time series data. The time series analysis can be used by the management to make current decisions and the plans which are based on the long-term forecasting.

Effectiveness of Patrols on Reducing Tiger Poaching Activities in India

 Poaching is one of the most debated environmental hazard in the world currently. The number of poachers has been increasing rapidly in each country over the last few decades. The increase in the number of poachers has sequentially led to a proportional increase in the number of poaching activities (Niraj et al., 2012, p. 15). The poaching activities are noticed in the rate of declining wild organisms. Almost all types of wild animals are at risk of extinction as a result of massive poaching activities. However, some animals are highly targeted by the poachers than others. These include elephants, rhinos, tigers, buffalos, gorillas, and many others (Allgor, 2011, p. 3). The above-listed animals attract the most attention from the public and government agencies. The reason for the increased poaching activities in the world can be attributed to the value of the animals’ products. The rhinos are poached mainly due to their horns that are highly costly. Similarly, the elephants are targeted due to their tusks that tend to be very expensive. The elephant tusks and rhino horns are processed and then used to manufacture expensive products sold to people of high class in the world.

Critical Analysis of “The Kite Runner”


 On my first reading of the book “The Kite Runner”, it was clear that the narrator’s story reflects around the incidences in life which greatly contributed to his success. But close scrutiny of the book reveals contrary to my initial thought by presenting the other side of the story that the narrator struggled with, a past that haunts and pains so much that is impossible to let go. Amir, the narrator of the story vividly remembers the memories that awaken in him the spirit of friendship and brotherhood.

The Circle

  1. The Circle by Dave Eggers presents a situation where the protagonist is naïve in believing that the company is working for is right in its tenets and ideals. However, her dependence on social media and connectivity to the internet alarmingly relates to my social media addiction. Mae Holland quickly finds out that staying even for a moment without being connected to everyone can be catastrophic to one’s social life (Eggers 83-84). The needed to be constantly connected to the internet and updated about what everyone else is doing can relate to my life since I am regularly checking my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts checking status updates, upcoming events, pictures and snooping on what everyone else except me is up to. Furthermore, the interconnection of personal devices such as smartphones, iPad, Laptop and computers with the cloud is among the issues that emerge in the novel but reflects an accurate picture of my life.

Summary of the Reviewed Journal’s Focus

The study by Galan Janeksela that was conducted in 2014 about “US workforce and educational challenges in the global economy” sought to establish the relationship that exists between the schools’ curriculum in the United States with the educational levels and the employability of the US education products. Galan conducted a study that was focusing to provide many recommendations on the current challenges of the education system in the United States of America. The research has been carried out about schools and employment rates in America, but data has been collected from secondary sources in other economically developed countries in the world to assist in comparing their education levels and rates of employment.